SAP PM Vs IBM Maximo

I am living the situation where my customer has implemented these 2 solutions on different plants. In the past the plants made decisions independently and now the organization faces this heterogeneous scenario.

And now then the basic question: which one is the best one for the whole organization?

If you look into the web about: “SAP PM Vs IBM Maximo”, you will find so many people talking about this. In linkedin there are some interesting threads, and this post explain some basic information that was so useful for me.

In a nutshell, we have 2 solutions with pros/cons that come from different origins. One, SAP that was designed in a way where its primary foundation is based on the financial requirements of the client. On the other hand, Maximo was created and has its base in the requirements to support Maintenance Operations for the client.

Because the Maintenance Organization of almost any company is the major consumer of goods and services, it is also the largest financial cost component of the P&L statement for those companies. Therefore, it should be evident that controlling that financial component is, after all a process of managing their maintenance programs that contribute to the cost of doing business.

If a company already has SAP, normally the IT department will push for the maintenance area to have SAP PM, as this simplifies a bit their IT management. On the other hand utilities companies for instance, which core business rely on maintenance and operations, have a better support for their needs with Maximo. Generally if the decision is left up to IT they go with SAP PM, if left to the operations/maintenance departments they go with Maximo. And here is when the discussion starts.

Most effective combination has always been a system whose financial are administered by SAP and the Maintenance Operations, including Materials Management, and Asset Management are administered within Maximo.

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