Getting Business Value From Manufacturing Execution Systems

This is a Webinar done by Gartner I was attending last week.

Gartner has done a study about the use, investment and value. The study covers different MES challenges companies have and it is based on the replies of 109 relevant people.

  • Manufacturers Need MPM and MbM to Innovate Digitally Enabled Design Through Production.
  • Lines Between Traditional IT And Manufacturing IT Are Blurring.
  • Most Visible Benefits Of MES Are Local.


  • Think global, act local.
  • Do not drive from the bottom up or top down. Lead from the center and support at all levels.
  • Link MES endeavors with broader productivity programs.

The data provided on each one of the questions and answer require detailed reading. From my side it has been useful to check the priorities of my customer with the analysis and see some gaps and improvement points.


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