Organised Services Operating Model (OSOM)

The Organised Services Operating Model (OSOM) is a template operating model to help organisations adopt a service-based approach. More information here: and here: For questions related to that, you can be in touch with Steve Purkis: You can use it in any context, It uses Wardley Maps. It digs into the operational … Read more

Intellectual property valuation

Management of Intellectual property (IP) The intangible assets created through the processes of innovation represent a major share of the value of today’s businesses. The IP rights associated with those assets are the legal underpinning for potential returns on investment in that innovation. Despite their fundamental importance, the understanding of IP and IP rights does … Read more

JAD workshops

Joint application design (JAD) is a process used in the life cycle area of the dynamic systems development method (DSDM) to collect business requirements while developing new information systems for a company. When I started working all you did was to see the business user or the customer and gather requirements, then figure out how … Read more

Zuora, subscription model as a service

The world is moving from a product based economy to a service based economy. Some companies born in the subscription model, but others need to transform from their existing model to the subscription based model. So, well everybody knows already that Zuora is an emerging competitor in the market, creating and end to end solution … Read more

In honour of stupid people

I found this picture in this web, and I personally find it very funny. Things as “this bottle of milk can contain milk” makes me laugh about how stupid human race can be. Legal department will tell you that these type of sentences are here to protect us of potential sues. This culturally comes from … Read more

What is the CPU assigned?

When you look for a Web hosting you will see there are so many features that are clear, for instance: We offer unlimited memory size. We offer unlimited band width etc. But rarely they will mention the CPU assigned to your virtual and shared environment and the way the CPU is assigned to it. Ask … Read more

Divestiture means keep silent

Divestiture, Merge, acquisition… words that are added to some of the activities that a customer comment to you. You receive it as a business as usual, but you have to know that you probably are one of the guys that only have listened about it. When this happens, the first thing that has to go … Read more

LSA follows MSA

Master Service Agreements (MSA) are signed in a global account around the world and part of the moon. Nevertheless it’s necessary to have the Local Service Agreement (LSA) in order to detail how we are going to work from this area or country. Let’s define this overall framework with more details. No LSA = no … Read more