Divestiture means keep silent

Divestiture, Merge, acquisition… words that are added to some of the activities that a customer comment to you. You receive it as a business as usual, but you have to know that you probably are one of the guys that only have listened about it.

When this happens, the first thing that has to go to your mind is: be quiet.

The second thing is ask to the person that is commenting you the deal about how secret is the deal, about who you can talk to about it, and what is the communications plan to the managers, employees…

The third thing to do is to make calls and write e-mails. Make questions, retrieve information and always forget to explain why you are required to have that information. For sure, calls are better than e-mail.

The fourth thing is to try to limit the #people that knows the deal and it should be closed to zero.

Well, I am not discovering the wheel and I’m not inventing anything new, but these simple rules when they are broken, make the life of the people broking it impossible.

In the industry I work there are Non disclosure agreement, and if you fall in this trap, then you are out of the game.

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