Mental hurdles

In every type of facet of life there are occasions where you suddenly are stopped and you cannot continue. You reach a stressful situation where you do not know what is happening and what is the reason you are paralyzed by something.

The first reaction is to look something outside as root cause of the situation, this external reason helps you to feel better, but it’s not needed so much time to find that this is more an excuse about what is happening.

Then you find that the issue is you, it’s the way you think, the way you act or the way you look that aspect in the wrong angle. You feel frustrated and this is the worst feeling you want to have. There is a mental hurdle, that every time you think about it. Initially you do not what is behind it, what is the real reason because you are in that situation. You feel completely frustrated. Mental_hurdlesAvoid that frustration is easy, you are busy with tonnes of daily activities, but again this pursues you and you cannot avoid that bad feeling.

Finally you are opened to look at that mental hurdle in front of you, to fight against it; it’s not easy, it’s not pleasant, it’s harder than you thought, but you are there, you cannot avoid it.

After weeks?, months?, years? you overcome it, you find the reason you behave in that wrong way, you understand the stimulus that puts you in that situation and now it’s time to look for the way to leap over it.

Once you solved it, exactly at that moment, you are happy, you feel invincible, you find you can do everything you decide.

Unfortunately for you, some time later, the cycle starts.

My question for you is, how much times you find yourself on this situation? once a month?, once a year? once a decade? perhaps everyday? How demanding you can be with you? are you willing to discover new things? are you motivated to face more hurdles?

Understand which type of person you are with respect your personal limits, how you face them, how you break them or how you feel comfortable living with them.

have fun!

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