My PMO does not work

The PMO creation approach is clear for me, I have read 2 books about this process and we are working on a new PMO. Nevertheless, now we are facing the change of an existing PMO that is not working properly. Thanks to Glen Alleman’s recommendation I bought this book: The Handbook of Program Management, James … Read more

PM Methodology Alignment

Which Projects are more aligned to PM methodology? Infrastructure or Application projects? During the check of the health of the projects we point to this alignment as another factor. With it, we have discovered that in general infrastructure projects follow the methodology in a better way than application projects. Why? Are the best PMs on … Read more

PM10 assessment

When dealing with a team of project managers, to work with them to improve their capabilities and be able to be consistent and equal with every body, you need a framework that enable you to have common path forward. PM10, or project management 10 is a framework we all use in CSC for the assessment … Read more

How can I execute this project?

We have won a service contract that includes the execution of two projects: one for the transition of the service to the new organization and the second one to adapt the current environment to some new laws. For the first one, initially there are not big risks that can decrease the SLA during the transition. … Read more

Developing a strategic project position

One of the exercise I learnt about this is issue is the use of echelons of Project Goals. Placing goals into echelons also helps determine the person in the client organization that can help you achieve multiple goals. Placing these echelons allow the people to see in which step of the project they are working. … Read more