PM Methodology Alignment

Which Projects are more aligned to PM methodology? Infrastructure or Application projects?

During the check of the health of the projects we point to this alignment as another factor. With it, we have discovered that in general infrastructure projects follow the methodology in a better way than application projects.


Are the best PMs on infrastructure? No… Is there better background on infrastructure? Not either…

Then, why?

Observing how they work, we have seen how infrastructures work always following this cycle: they define the need, they look for a standard solution or product, they find it and check that meets the need and they implement it. This behaviour is something natural for them, they are used to look for the standard and they work in the same way on management.

On the other hand, applications background had in mind a bad practice: “…if I cannot find a solution I can open development environment and write the code for what I need…” This behaviour is transferred to management activities: all can be done on my way.

I can be wrong, but it’s what we are observing in our limited environment.

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