COTs 2011

As COTs (Commercial Off-The-Shelf Technology) were listed for 2011, we have listed them and now we are enabling the activities related to the services we provide will be linked to the business goals our customer is looking for. This is a funny exercise for me to design and forecast activities for incoming months. To do … Read more

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Almost 18 minutes of concentrated messages, very interesting about how we behave, act, feel and think. For my memories. People buy from people who believe in the same things. People buy based on beliefs, not facts; they use the facts to support their beliefs. People buy the “why”, not the “what”. In the context of … Read more

Xerox DocuShare

Learning about this product, DocuShare is a content management system developed by Xerox Corporation. DocuShare makes use of open standards and allows for managing content, integrating it with other business systems, and developing customized and packaged software applications. The DocuShare Content Management Platform includes three products: DocuShare Express delivers content management tailored to SMBs, for … Read more