COTs 2011

As COTs (Commercial Off-The-Shelf Technology) were listed for 2011, we have listed them and now we are enabling the activities related to the services we provide will be linked to the business goals our customer is looking for.

This is a funny exercise for me to design and forecast activities for incoming months.

To do this exercise is to ask the people about the same things they do but in a different way from the reporting point of view. This is sometimes something complex to do.

My strategy is simple: show the team what is shown to the customer.

Some of the business goals are clear, and the actions has a specific project for accomplish it, so is easy to perform the exercise.

For others, to enable clear actions for improvement is something complex. For instance, to reduce the % of high priority tickets, reduce the number of root cause analysis…. it means that people has to continue doing their job as usual, but to report all these activities, this means it requires to the service managers to gather and report a lot of data.

How to do it? month per month I ask for a piece more of data…. continuous improvement

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