Transition from project to operations

We are preparing a service support contract to maintain the corrective, preventive and user activities of an application that is being developed now. This is a new type of application done with new technology, so it’s not repeat the process we did for other applications.
Some key considerations we are trying to keep into account.

  1. We are planning the support activities in “well in advance”, this is necessary due to the slow customer decision process.
  2. Set expectations of customer takes time, this is a new type of service support so they do not have experience on similar areas.
  3. It’s important the exercises we are doing with the client in order they understand the service we are going to deliver. This is key, customer assumes a lot of activities are not needed, so they do not want to pay for it 🙂
  4. Preparation of transition activities between teams is key: documentation, processes, training…; check that all project documents are completed and the quality of the content is aligned with service support requirements.
  5. Perform the effort estimation is easy, to get paid for it is complex.
  6. Track assumptions and decisions during the negotiations: “out of scope” has to be defined for all domains of change. RACI chart also helps to complete the responsibility of each piece of work.
  7. Perform measures before to start the service support. Having data prepared is key to understand the use of the system by end-users, volumes…
  8. Use readiness Metrics to go/no go decision making process (less emotional).
  9. Communicate properly when the service support is going to start. Try to reinforce the importance of both teams (project and service) working at the same time for a short period of time.
  10. Have the service support manager involved in the last activities of the project.

This exercise is being very interesting for me.

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