Your first Plug-in

I was looking for a “how to” document to build a say ‘hello world’ plug-in and I found this article (Link) .

After all I discovered that you don’t need it, you only have to create a new plug-in using one of the templates available with Eclipse 3.2.

Great! now I have a big challenge, understand the structure.

Blackberry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Thanks to the company I work for, we are going to work with RIM in a Beta Program to test the Beta release of the Blackberry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

This Beta Program test plan is going to take around 2 months and the main idea is to provide a feedback on the usability, functionality, compatibility and reliability of the product.

The beta program is so complete, RIM provide us the plug-in, documentation about the product and examples to use in the test plan.

It also will provide me the opportunity of compare this product with MDS Studio that I used to prepare a Demo.


I have a problem when I tried to make a search in a file cabinet:

The case of use is:

  1. The user access to a file cabinet.
  2. The user clicks on “Search” action in the menu.
  3. The user introduces the selection of a search.
  4. The user obtains the following error message: “The Object’s application or class is not available.”

The problem is in “Results” form, that the StartSearch routine doesn’t update the object “DominoDoc.SearchCTL” properly.

What do I need?