Business Productivity Online Standard (BPOS)

I assisted to an interesting business BPOS presentation and the additional services my company adds to this product.

Some notes:

  • The use of a sizing calculator to calculate bandwidth,
  • Limit your compliance exposures (SOX….),
  • BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS),
  • Security,
  • Pay per use model,
  • They want to replace Lotus Notes, again 🙂
  • What’s the roadmap to the Cloud?
  • How can you calculate the ROI?
  • How Cloud Services are created?
  • How is the application lyfe cycle calculated?

No Wifi, no fun Mr Amazon

I bought a Kindle during my last trip to US.

One of the funny things was surfing into the internet. Ok, it’s not a good view, but if you want to read some information or blogs it’s enough, I’m happy!

I have comeback to Spain and when I try to navigate I get this message:

“due to local restrictions web browsing is not available for all countries”

Ups, isn’t there any Wifi close to you? No, there is connection, you can for instance connect to!!!!! but not to the other pages.

So, please change the message… I don’t believe the local restrictions to connect to a free wifi

Measure the SLA, even if it is not evaluated !!

That’s what I said to some service managers which client was not applying these penalties.

They are not applying it because they are agree with all the other issues the service is solving and they want to let the service run. Other times, the SLA are not so restrictive and they always reach the green light. But there will be a time, when the maturity of the service will be higher, where they will be applied.

It took some time to do it, but I convinced them to measure them.

And now, one of these service managers is so happy. The new call for tender for the renewal of his service contains new SLA tables. He has being measuring the levels during 2009 and the consequence is that now he is comfortable with the real numbers he has.

He now does not have to spend so many time measuring month by month all the KPIs and taking into account that there is just a couple of weeks to respond the call, he has time to concentrate on other aspects and work on a competitive answer.

Parkinson’s Law or the Pursuit of Progress (some notes)

Finally I bought this book. It took me some research till to find it. Alcalá del Olmo (Cervantes 10 in Madrid) had it: fourth impression from April 1958.

To remind it, I try to summarize what I have annotated in a paper chapter by chapter.

1.- Parkinson’s law or the rising pyramid,

  • “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.
  • “It is the busiest man who has time to spare”.
  • Review the % of people/time you have invested on management. This type of activities tends to expand.

2.- The short list or the principles of selection,

  • Revision of selection methods: british (use of interviews and family origin of the applicant) and chinese (written exams) methods.
  • It also comments some tips for the publication of a vacancy.

3.- Directors nd councils or coefficient of inefficiency,

  • “…The most elementary principle of the life uycle of a committee is that it is organic than mechanical in its nature… it is not a structure but a plant…”
  • How committees are build, how they grow, how they loose the power with respect the number of members increase, how with this increase decisions are taken beforehand, how the cycle starts again.

4.- The will of the people or annual general meeting,

  • Differences between English and French parliamentary system.
  • English: 2 oppositing sides. This system depends entirely on its seating plan.
  • French: Semi-circle seats. How decisions and agreements are reached in the backwards taking into account the place the people are seated.
  • Strenghts and weakenesses of each one.

5.- Personality Screen or the cocktail formula,

Understanding the behaviour of the people the cocktails, the position they place in the room, the time they arrive, the way they move, the time they leave the cocktail…

6.-High Finance or the point of vanishing interest,

Law of triviality, time spent on any item of the agenda will be inverse proportion to the sum involved.

7.- Palm thatch to packard or a formula for success,

  • A review of the behaviour of an occidental an asian business man since he is a regular business man (he thatch with his palm) till he becomes a successfull business man (he drives a Packard).
  • Comments about how to manage tax payments.

8.- Plans and plants or the administrative block,

It reviews some administrative obstacles you can find in the institutions, how the schedule of the buildings construction have had constant delays accross centuries, and how new institutions coming into existence with new directors, new buildings, new responsibilities… are sentenced to die.

9.-Injelities or palsied paralysis,

  • Injelities is defined as a desease composed basically by imcompetence and jealousy. people who work in an organization with this desease provokes somethings that can affect the organization dramatically.
  • Different behaviours about this scenarios are explained.
  • Study about different status in an organization that suffers injelities, how to understand it and how to try to cure it.
  • This chapter is for me one of the best ones.

10.- Pension point or the age of retirement,

  • A review of the different scenarios people who is close to the retirement face. How to manage it and how to force them to retire.
  • Probably we are very profitable for our organizations in one period of time, but it’s also necessary to know when to retire.

(Cyril Northcote Parkinson)

Body worlds 2 & The Brain

Today we visited “Body worlds 2 & The Brain” in the Franklin Institute, in Philadelphia (PA, USA) and we saw an interesting representation of the different parts of the body that helps everybody to understand how the human body works.

Today has been a very freeze day so this was a very good plan for the afternoon.