Measure the SLA, even if it is not evaluated !!

That’s what I said to some service managers which client was not applying these penalties.

They are not applying it because they are agree with all the other issues the service is solving and they want to let the service run. Other times, the SLA are not so restrictive and they always reach the green light. But there will be a time, when the maturity of the service will be higher, where they will be applied.

It took some time to do it, but I convinced them to measure them.

And now, one of these service managers is so happy. The new call for tender for the renewal of his service contains new SLA tables. He has being measuring the levels during 2009 and the consequence is that now he is comfortable with the real numbers he has.

He now does not have to spend so many time measuring month by month all the KPIs and taking into account that there is just a couple of weeks to respond the call, he has time to concentrate on other aspects and work on a competitive answer.

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