Tempo Framework (EC)

During these last months one of the things I have discovered has been Tempo Programme, the European Commission framework to coordinate all the IT challenges develop for and by the EC. I have just giving a quick view to some of the documents that I needed to review discovering that there are so many processes … Read more

Change Freeze

This period of inactivity is established to protect the IT infrastructure, application and/or other business activities from any change activity that may undermine its stability and operation. For instance, during Christmas that there is a lot of staff on holidays and each time more and more companies agree this type of stops. In addition service … Read more

Asset Management

I’m happy, I’m going to lead an improvement plan on a global asset management service. It’s not a big deal, nevertheless the idea of understanding the asset management lifecycle, the billing processes of the assets, the way that this type of services are managed and the standard processes that govern it…. it’s what makes me … Read more

Capacity Management

I continue trying to improve the vision I have on the ITIL life cycle model. Today I have reviewed the role of the capacity manager. It’s supposed it is a strong technical infrastructure role that: Understands future resource needs, delivering these needs through a capacity plan (similar complexity to a project definition). This plan can … Read more

ITIL Positions & their weight

There are a lot of ITIL positions in the ITIL-world, each one with a clear definition of the roles & responsibilities. Apart from the service manager position, that is who leads the work done in the framework (I know, I know,… ITIL does not like to be called “framework”… best practices!!!) for the rest of … Read more

ITIL Foundations v3

This week I have assisted to a training about ITIL foundations.The session started as a bored teorical training session about a framework, and taking into account that all the concepts were known by me, the first hours were hard.I was sitted with a colleague that also know CMMI so we were all the session relating … Read more