ITIL Foundations v3

This week I have assisted to a training about ITIL foundations.
The session started as a bored teorical training session about a framework, and taking into account that all the concepts were known by me, the first hours were hard.
I was sitted with a colleague that also know CMMI so we were all the session relating ITIL naming convention with CMMI concepts. It was better…
After that we were reviewing how each one has in our services implemented different practices and the reason to achieve them (the business contrains), so this real cases were so so useful as learned lesson.
Some basic conclusions:

  • CMMI is an organizational framework that can cover all aspects of a business. ITIL is focused on IT Processes for Service Delivery Processes.
  • As ITIL is not a driven tool as CMMI, there are not stages as in CMMI that allows you to clasify companies by level of achievement of that framework.
  • But these tools are really long term frameworks that talk about the maturity of the processes in a company. How to arrive to this maturity stages easily? You need other tools as Six Sigma, Kaizen… that provide you an increase in quality aspects.

Please, let me know if I’m wrong.

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