Performing Project Tailoring

You have just received a new potential project and you start working with it. You have business requirements, backgrounds, a brief list of some stakeholders and a lot of questions.

As not all projects are the same thing, the project tailoring is the process that will allow you to identify the category of the project, evaluate the dimension of the project and get a better perception of the scope of the ‘whole’.
As many of the activities in project management, tailoring has to be repeated several times till you reach a good level of confidence.
The determination of the category (small, medium, large) depends of the hours, team size, complexity, capital expenditure… We have specific rules to categorize a project based on all this information and it’s very useful because it helps you evaluate it easily.
We also evaluate the importance of the POLDAT variables in the project in order to clarify the complexity of the work.
After all this evaluation we can define the work products associated with the project and the framework that we will deliver.

The purpose of tailoring is not to tailor some of the procedures that you have on your project framework, it’s to tailor the work products that you would follow on the relevant procedures.
As always, this project tailoring needs to be approved.

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