Increasing my knowledge on Machine Learning

This post covers different readings and learnings I’m working to gain knowledge on Machine Learning. At this moment, to me, there are 4 pillars of knowledge that I should gain when talking about Machine Learning. These are: Models & math’s knowledge. Software Programing: python (it’s the one I will use). How the machine learning initiatives … Read more

Wardley maps, the payment war in the mobile app ecosystem

On this post I want to review several types of gameplays that Simon Wardley proposes on his book.  This post is the first one of entries I want to write about gameplays used in Wardley maps. I would like to write about simple examples that enable people to understand how the gameplays work and enable … Read more

Los mapas de Wardley

Que son los mapas de Wardley Los mapas de Wardley es una técnica que lo ayuda a examinar un entorno dado, identificar los próximos cambios que van a ocurrir y ayuda a elegir adecuadamente las acciones a tomar. Al examinar qué se necesita, qué componentes se utilizarán, cuáles son sus dependencias y características, se puede … Read more

Market Opening checklist

This is a checklist of things to review once just before and after the market is opened. Before market opens (9:15 ET) Check S&P and Nasdaq futures indexes. Previous day closing, Market breadth check, McClellan indicator. How is Europe going on? Check DAX. Check DIX and GEX Index in squeeemeetrics, from previous day. EUR/USD trend. … Read more

Actions to promote the book

This is a to do list for the promotion of the book. V2MOM As usual these are the goals following the V2MOM model: Vision: promote DREAM methodology for savings and investment. Values: have fun, learn a lot, great design take care of visual engagement. Method: Build a blog and content with all ideas, tools, mechanisms … Read more

Travels to do

List of travels I have to do, without an order: Route of 21 days walking on the Annapurna mountains. Bután. Walking routes in the Tibet. Lisbon – Oporto by bike (330 kms). Cali – Quito – Lima – Arequipa with visit to the mountains. French Guayana Pirineos mountains from Portbou (Mediterranean sea) to Fuenterrabía (Cantabric … Read more