Non quantitative aspects of the companies

I will be trying to work on specific analysis of companies using a way that I use to have on a paper. The format on the paper is a little bit messy because of the notes are added when I found some news. But the idea is to formalize a little bit that format, which is a combination of project management and Wardley maps structure.

This post is trying to organize the bullets, notes and ideas that I would like to add on it.

What does not contain the deck?

  • It does not contain a brief history of the company or basic information of it.
  • It does not contain the fundamental data of the company or other financial ratios. The reason is because I do that part with tradingview. If you are interested on this you can find here an indicator that I have created to check all that side of the end to end analysis.

What does contain the deck?

  • Overview of the Profit & Loss or revenue statement: the purpose is to understand the revenue per segment of the company.
  • Map with the main business units.
  • “to pay attention” is the deck where I cover risks, opportunities and aspects that I should take care.
  • Other specific maps on areas or ways they play the game.
  • A review of doctrines that I can identify as consumer or citizen.

I will start reviewing Alphabet ($GOOG), then I will be adapting the format to a more matured one.

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