PHP, files permissions

Sorry, I need to remind this information:

Read 4 – Allowed to read files
Write 2 – Allowed to write/modify files
eXecute 1 – Read/write/delete/modify/directory

user group world
7 5 5
r+w+x r+x r+x
6 4 4
r+w r r

These 2 sentences assign the security of the folders to 755 and files to 644:

find top/directory -type f -exec chmod 0644 ‘{}’ \;
find top/directory -type d -exec chmod 0755 ‘{}’ \;

I cannot enter these 2 sentences on my Direct Admin because I have not the console available in the hosting 🙁

Interesting reading about .htaccess:

The art of the pre-emptive escalation

This is really a tool, that used in a clever way can be a powerful tool. Some people use it in a way that could be considered art.

This has some basic rules to follow:

  • Do pre-emptive escalation is not always nice.
  • You have to announce a problem or situation that can “potentially” happen, but that it can also be something that could be done for nothing.
  • There are situations where you don’t have other option, you have to do it.
  • Some other times it’s a pain in the ash, for you and for the person who receives the news.
  • There are people who appreciate the anticipation so much, there are other that they hate these things.
  • The use is limited, you cannot abuse.

A dummy example:

A :  “…I’m sorry, but next week this will fail…”
B: “…How can we avoid it?…”
A: “…there are these alternatives…but my suggestion is this: …”
B: “…Ok, let’s see what happens…”

It’s just a tool you sometimes have to use it: Use it with caution.

(home, sweet home)

Rich Pictures of End User requirements

Enable communication through pictures is one powerful tool I always use when I have the option.
I have found this site that has helped me to open my vision about what I can offer:

I’m now focused on end-user requirements, based in their challenges.

These pictures are helping me a lot for align client expectations.

Other place about User Experience to remind:

Playing with Joomla

Somethings to remind when using Joomla.

1.- problem: I want to hide some componets

The default login form in Joomla is managed through a built-in module called Login Form. To enable/disable this module, you have to go to the Joomla admin area > Extensions > Module Manager.


2.- problem: I cannot change global parameters of the articles.

The global parameter for article manager does not work properly, there is an iFrame that is opened in a wrong way and I cannot change the global parameters for the articles.

Then I have navigated till the SQL database, I have found that in table ‘joom_components’, the entry ‘articles’ contains the parameters with the different values.

Unfortunately it does not work.


3.- I need the site will show the information in a multilingual mode.

The most rated extension is: JoomFish.

When I have tried to install it some errors related to that the user cannot create a folder or move a file to a folder were returned during the installation.

So I did temporal security changes and finally I had problems with deletions, so I have completely un-installed it.

I have read that all folders required by Joomfish must be writable. I have changed it and now it’s installed.


Educational behaviours

In the education my parents gave me, I learnt to wait for compensation. This was the natural way to do it and I considered as a right to receive it without asking it.

To ask for a pride was not considered polite.

Then I went to live to this word where you have to ask for everything.

This fact stills makes me feel ashamed,

Kindle navigation from Spain

Using my kindle, I tested if I could access to internet and it was a surprise when I was able to access to other sites apart of amazon (last time I tried it, I was not able to do that).

The reason was that I had just 3G connection, that just allows access to amazon, and now I have available a WIFI connection.

Ok, the navigator is still not excellent but I can handle it.

I accessed to some newspapers, e-mails… and suddenly facebook.

I was able to enter user/password. But then it showed me a message like this:

“you cannot access from this mobile/wireless device. Please enter in your account from a computer and check it”

This morning I accessed in my account, I was asked by my credentials and after that I was announced by an strange access was done from Seattle, WA, US !!!!!
I’m in Spain but I’m routed through Seattle???? 🙁

(Sevilla, close to Plaza de la Encarnación)