PHP, files permissions

Sorry, I need to remind this information: Read 4 – Allowed to read files Write 2 – Allowed to write/modify files eXecute 1 – Read/write/delete/modify/directory user group world7 5 5r+w+x r+x r+x6 4 4r+w r r These 2 sentences assign the security of the folders to 755 and files to 644: find top/directory -type f … Read more

Rich Pictures of End User requirements

Enable communication through pictures is one powerful tool I always use when I have the option. I have found this site that has helped me to open my vision about what I can offer: I’m now focused on end-user requirements, based in their challenges. These pictures are helping me a lot for align client … Read more

Easy KTs, but incomplete KTs

Dear folk, This is our team, Here is where is sited hour team, This is my role, These are my main responsibilities, This is your role, These are your main responsibilities, This is your team, Take your management style and apply it, If you have any problem, let me know thanks

Playing with Joomla

Somethings to remind when using Joomla. 1.- problem: I want to hide some componets The default login form in Joomla is managed through a built-in module called Login Form. To enable/disable this module, you have to go to the Joomla admin area > Extensions > Module Manager. 🙂 2.- problem: I cannot change global parameters … Read more

Educational behaviours

In the education my parents gave me, I learnt to wait for compensation. This was the natural way to do it and I considered as a right to receive it without asking it. To ask for a pride was not considered polite. Then I went to live to this word where you have to ask … Read more

Kindle navigation from Spain

Using my kindle, I tested if I could access to internet and it was a surprise when I was able to access to other sites apart of amazon (last time I tried it, I was not able to do that). The reason was that I had just 3G connection, that just allows access to amazon, and now … Read more