The art of the pre-emptive escalation

This is really a tool, that used in a clever way can be a powerful tool. Some people use it in a way that could be considered art.

This has some basic rules to follow:

  • Do pre-emptive escalation is not always nice.
  • You have to announce a problem or situation that can “potentially” happen, but that it can also be something that could be done for nothing.
  • There are situations where you don’t have other option, you have to do it.
  • Some other times it’s a pain in the ash, for you and for the person who receives the news.
  • There are people who appreciate the anticipation so much, there are other that they hate these things.
  • The use is limited, you cannot abuse.

A dummy example:

A :  “…I’m sorry, but next week this will fail…”
B: “…How can we avoid it?…”
A: “…there are these alternatives…but my suggestion is this: …”
B: “…Ok, let’s see what happens…”

It’s just a tool you sometimes have to use it: Use it with caution.

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