I have started to use Lingvist to improve my french. I have to improve all aspects of my french and the most important one is the writing skills. The exercises proposed are fine to improve the writing skills.

The proposed platform contains elements of gamification where you can measure your results, time invested, etc. I miss that for reading and listening content the platform does not offer exercises to check your level of understanding or listening so you can also track that evolution.

Dynamics 365 for Financials

My first experience with Dynamics 365 for Financials:

Sign-up: I have had to sign in three times to be able to reach the main screen of project Madeira (sample project) in Financials space. I do not know if it was the creation of the space or the sign-in process what failed, but after that I entered into the main screen.

First navigation: It’s easy to find the resources and the sample data enables you to build an idea about how data is organized. The set-up of the environment can be done manually or in an assisted way.

After 10 minutes it has crashed, and I have started it again now not in IE navigator but using Firefox. Ironically with Firefox the navigation goes better.


BAD_POOL_HEADER is not the title of a film, it’s not the code to enter into a system, it’s an error from Windows 10.

It comes with a beautiful blue screen, not a simple electric blue screen such on Windows 3.11. and it also adds an emoticon like this:  🙁

I thought that new generations would not know the blue screen of Windows, neither the cassette or the CD, but after more than 20 years of Windows I’m starting to think that this will not be the case.

WordPress in big corporations

Listen this week that a big Spanish company has in their IT road map WordPress as a platform for content management is not a surprise to me, the surprise is that there are still few big companies that are still not doing it.

Open source adoption continues and big organizations are understanding that the long term investment deserves the risk on these type of platforms. The list continues growing,

Performance reviews

I have an easy approach: define clear goals and let them to go for it with their personalities and personal way to lead. I just work as facilitator removing hurdles and explaining the changes of the rules of the game (company priorities, procedures…).

You should easily measure the performance of the goals, they should be clearly defined and the person and you can easily measure the evolution. But that’s not all, you also need to evaluate behavior, motivation, focus on priorities, levels of exposure, etc.

How important is to take notes and examples for performance reviews. They provide you a good story-line of what has happened and how the behavior was with respect the expected performance.

In management roles, someone can try to hide a bad performance with a heavy agenda, excessive workload, poor focus and lack of control of your duties. This is not acceptable and to explain it you need to have good framework of organization, good examples about what are the basis and how to approach them.


Sosiego en la penunbra

Este libro de poesía, escrito por mi tía Rosa, lo estuve leyendo poco a poco durante las noches.

Muchos recuerdos y pensamientos en cada una de las líneas del libro. Libro dedicado que guardo con alegría en la estantería de casa.