Performance reviews

I have an easy approach: define clear goals and let them to go for it with their personalities and personal way to lead. I just work as facilitator removing hurdles and explaining the changes of the rules of the game (company priorities, procedures…).

You should easily measure the performance of the goals, they should be clearly defined and the person and you can easily measure the evolution. But that’s not all, you also need to evaluate behavior, motivation, focus on priorities, levels of exposure, etc.

How important is to take notes and examples for performance reviews. They provide you a good story-line of what has happened and how the behavior was with respect the expected performance.

In management roles, someone can try to hide a bad performance with a heavy agenda, excessive workload, poor focus and lack of control of your duties. This is not acceptable and to explain it you need to have good framework of organization, good examples about what are the basis and how to approach them.


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