Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd.

As I have discovered from Glen Alleman’s post , the site Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd. is a worthy place to get resources. The first one recommended by Glen is “Scheduling in the Age of Complexity,” I continue reading the 23 pages of the paper.


This is something I have read from an external resource and that is taking so much time from me: C-RUP is part of the development paths available in CSC Catalyst. All these paths are part of the Enablement process.

Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

When you work on new solutions for your company, the adoption of a life-cycle costing approach is mandatory. LCC requires decisions during R&D phase. Just at this moment is when you need to start the LCC analysis. A silly example, you are working on R&D and you have 2 designs for a solution; both requires … Read more

Organizing my Time

This week I have accumulated 26 hours of scheduled meetings. It beats the amount number of hours I can handle to deliver my work properly. At this moment, I think 20 hours is a good number, less than 15 hours means I’m not attending the team or the clients and more than 20 means “you’re … Read more

I’m not a secretary!!

Recently I have listened it from a PM regarding to the fact that we request him to do a meeting minutes. This answer let me understand the ignorance of this person about his understanding of what a meeting minutes can mean with regards to its value in terms of ‘agreement’ during the execution of a … Read more

Blackberry, access to a restricted Lotus WSDL

Environment – BES – Lotus Domino Background You are working with the ACL granting whole access to the application. Everything works, but suddenly you retire the anonymous access to the application and all crash. Problem The access of the MDS Studio and the final mobile device is not possible due to these applications do not … Read more