dScerner solutions

The company dScerner offers different software solutions for the decision making process. The way the solution attends the scenarios is visualized in this diagram:

Computer Assisted Translations Tools (CAT Tools)

Background Professional translation services have evolved from different angles. Many computer assisted programs enable automatic translations of generic texts, but for specific niche such medicine, pharmacy, scientific papers, or any other field, you need to perform a professional translation in other way. Manual translation is something unusual, as there are tools that help the “Translator” … Read more

The LUMA System of Innovation

The LUMA System of Innovation is a visual framework of human-centered design that forms a toolset and shared language for innovation. It covers different methods and situations based on the combination of 36 human-centered design methods that are organized in 3 fundamental design skills: looking, understanding and making. I have used some of these methods … Read more

CATWOE Analysis

In plain English CATWOE is a checklist that can be used to encourage problem-solving thinking. CATWOE is the acronym for Clients, Actors, World view, Owners, and Environment. It’s a way to identify the root causes of an scenario and it’s a good complement for other tools as:

Using a stand-up desk

I built a stand-up desk some years ago for Michele, but I have decided to give it a chance and see how it works. I will take note of the different feelings I have with it during the first weeks. Let’s see if it works or not. Week 1: I was able to work on … Read more

Robinhood App is down

Today, March 2nd 2020 Robinhood application is down. One interesting day to trade as volumes are up, so I cannot do it. Yes, fees are small, and they are covered by the acceptance of the terms of use, but by this reason I operate with this broker only the R&D portfolio.

Wavlink WN519N2 Wi-Fi Repeater

To be able to configure to Wavlink WN519N2 Wi-Fi Repeater, you have to: Plug in the electricity, Press reset. Connect to the Wavlink wifi that is available. Enter in http://ap-setup.com/ (or Enter default password “admin” Enter into the “Repeater” wizard Select the Wifi you want to connect and enter the password and the name … Read more