Some days ago a colleague invited me to a proffesional social network: linkedin. As all these new social networks, you enter your profile and link with other people… Until now, everything normal. What amazed me it’s the QA section where the information that you find there is so useful. Some of the sections are interesting … Read more

Team Studio Delta

During last two weeks we have been maintaining some applications that we didn’t maintain from a long time. They had their designs in the development environment but something smelled bad in them.On the other hand a large amount of File Cabinets from a library were showing discrepancies between themselves while they should have the same … Read more


I have added to my hosting an OsCommerce installation with the purpose of seeing the features and help a friend to build his e-commerce portal. Once again, the only thing we need to do is to understand the features and feed the program with all the required information. I love all the different people who … Read more

Hosting & CMS

I have contracted a hosting service with the purpose of develop different mini-personal projects that I would like to execute. The service I have contract seems to be very good. After to look in different offerings, Javi told me a good one. He has been working with these kind of hostings for a long time, … Read more

Teamstudio analyzer

Analyzer uses a database to write out results of a database audit. Really you are ‘the analyzer’ because the tool extract all the information and you have to work on it. I have found in Lotus Sandbox a person who built useful views to use Analyzer. It helped me a lot because the default views … Read more

Teamstudio Delta

Delta uses this database for writing out difference reports between documents or design elements. Today I have extracted some report with different options. It has helped me to compare code between different design elements. The problem I see is that you cannot compare in an agent, for instance, which parts of the code are really … Read more

Intalio BPMS Designer, not enough

Finally I don’t find a real reason to use Intalio BPMS Designer instead Microsoft Visio. I suppose that if you buy the whole license you have a good list of features that justify the use of this tool but now I just can draw! Now I’m asking about Enterprise Architect. It’s supposed this tool provide … Read more


ExtJS is a popular Script Library that combines the existing Libraries Yahoo!, jQuery and Prototype + Scriptaculous. The result: you have a only way to create GUI components in your Web applications. If you want to have a quick look, visit the API and see the examples.

Intalio BPMS Designer

This month the Eclipse magazine includes an article about IntalioBPMS(*) Designer. This tool is a complete process design tool based fully on Eclipse technologies.It enables Business Analysts and IT developers to collaborate on the implementation of asame business process avoiding the translation loss usually observed in IT project. This tool includes a process analyst, a … Read more