Intalio BPMS Designer

This month the Eclipse magazine includes an article about IntalioBPMS(*) Designer.

This tool is a complete process design tool based fully on Eclipse technologies.It enables Business Analysts and IT developers to collaborate on the implementation of a
same business process avoiding the translation loss usually observed in IT project.

This tool includes a process analyst, a BPMN(**) modeler, a data mapper, a data editor, a
WSDL Visual Editor and a WSDL visual connector.

(*) BPMS: Business Process Model System.
(**) BPMN: Business Process Modeling Notation.

This kind of tools are always good when you start using them. For me the problem starts when you want to share the information created with them in other environments.

With BPMS Studio, the first look is good, the environment is the same as Eclipse so it will be easier for me. I hope the integration will be good.

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