Lotus Workspace: remove or maintain.

First releases of Lotus 8 has not Workspace, with Lotus 7 happened the same, at the beginning it had not Workspace but finally IBM added it.

Some problem that some of us have is the people who does not want to remove their Lotus Notes Client due to the Workspace. They are so used to work with it and they don’t want to lose it.

We can give them a solution!

Something easy to develop in Web 2.0 is a Workspace that implements the same functionality of the original workspace of Lotus Notes.

It will help a big amount of people who are scared to retire their Lotus Client to adapt their mind to use the applications via Web. I know that not all the functionality is reproducible in Web but almost everything could be done.

If you ask to the real final user, he/she will say you:

…I have my daily work organized with these icons and I don’t want to loose them…

…I don’t want bookmarks, I want the Workspace…

I know that is not the right way to give a proper evolution to the new tendencies to these users, but my opinion is that we would help them doing things that this product does really good.

Maintain Workspace and add these new ideas that really will give a good evolution to the product around it.

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