US exchange regulations, limit to show indexes

I have receipt today this message from Trading view: As per exchange regulations, S&P and Dow Jones indexes can be shown ONLY to users who are NOT logged in, or who are logged in and have paid for a real-time package. We cannot show them to all registered users. We do not understand this policy, … Read more

Productivity and timing

I have read 2 articles that contains some sentences I want to remember. One of the articles talks about productivity (, the other one explains how the motion of the modern lives are affecting the internal clock of the individuals ( Tool “Pedestrian Aggressiveness Syndrome Scale” to measure how aggressive you are in your moves. … Read more

Little’s law

Little’s law is widely used in manufacturing to predict lead time based on the production rate and the amount of work-in-process, and since Kanban practitioners use it in software development is becoming more and more popular. In fact the comparison for the outsiders of a manufacturing example where things are more tangible is something that … Read more

Fundsmith annual shareholder meeting

This video:, is the annual shareholder meeting of Fundsmith. Apart of presenting the results of the year, they review a set of economic fundamentals and behaviors that are communicated in a very didactic way. Basic strategy principles The investment strategy has three pillars that are summed up by the acronym ODD: Only invest in … Read more

Conversational ERP Series

I discovered this series of videos related to ERP. I have watched these ones: Lesson 1 – What is ERP  Lesson 2 – Inventory Strategies Lesson 3 – Manufacturing Modes Lesson 4 – Inventory Strategies & Manufacturing Modes Lesson 5 – ROI for ERP Lesson 6 – What else is included in ERP Lesson 6, … Read more