Podcast episode 024: successful negotiation skills (part 1 of 2)

Pod cast episode 024: successful negotiation skills (part 1 of 2) from pm411.orggave me some tips for the internal negotiations:

  • Prepare your meetings,
  • Understand your priority,
  • What alternatives do you have?,
  • Make sure that your consistency plan has time & resources,
  • Be careful with the relationship,
  • Get agreement between all parties,
  • Build relationships in the process,

And other interesting phrase at the end of all the pod casts:

Keep your hands on the plan and your eyes on the price.

Power struggle

As you can imagine, the path to approve REACH legislation has not been easy.

This Report of Greenpeaceshows how the chemicals industry is fighting to maintain its privilege position in the use chemicals substances without adequate control of the Use, Exposure and waste of them. Some

1.- Deny the Problem,
2.- Create fear over job looses and economic costs,
3.- Cripple the legislation through bureaucracy,

Who is against Reach?, easy, the chemical industry. In fact they refused the first legislation proposed by EU.

as usual !



Some weeks ago I subscribed to a RSS where they publish PM pod-casts.

The firsts experiences with this kind of communication have been the next ones:

1.- The importance of the publicity as sponsor of the publisher.

2.- The communication methodology used in this channel is essential: how clear is the way the speakers talk, the pauses, tone, pitch, order…

3.- This pod-cast uses placid music that helps you to concentrate in the speaker.

4.- How similar is to the Radio.

Reach, the chemical SOX?

Reach applies to European Union but it really affects globally.

You can see in the internet a lot of US companies offering solutions for companies that work/import substances in EU.

This phenomenon looks like when some years ago the US government announced the SOX regulation.

On that days I was working in a Spanish company that cotizar in NASDAQ. involved in projects for providing documental solutions for SOX. I remember the headache caused on people when you explained the reason because that new regulation had to change all their daily procedures.

Now it’s time for Reach

Being Reach Compliance

Today I had the opportunity to attend session about Reach, a legislation of the European Union for chemical products. After a big amount of readings about this law, this session was more amazing way to learn than read.

The good news for me is that now I understand exactly where is located the tiny communications module that gather all the information needed from their downstream users.