Requirements, the issue

Gather requirements is a science, a process, an art; you require a lot of knowledge to perform it properly. The first thing to do is to analyze the issues that the industry is recognizes and the specific lessons learned from your customer or environment. Things like: “…The Industry average for project Investment in the requirements … Read more

Manage requirements

Keep the requirements under control is sometimes very difficult. Continuous changes on specifications, continues changes of direction, quick estimations demanded under weak specifications, etc… To make the customer to recognize that all changes they are putting in place is even hardest. They just do not care, you are there to handle and be paid by … Read more

Online store requirements checklist

I’m evaluating some solutions for and online store, and the first step is to define a requirements checklist: 1.- General overview & look Frame of the main screen can be adapted. Ability to change layouts. Ability to add widgets. 2.- Product form, product classification & product representation Check the aspect of the views of products. … Read more

Wabi sabi

I have been some months working on this: Finally I obtained the approval to move to production on 15 September. I write the date, because is something I want to remind, it will be useful for future. What was the most difficult thing to achieve this web page? To find a convenient hosting service? … Read more

Attributes of well defined requirements

List to for reading before define requirements: Unambiguous: Precise and clear with only one interpretation. Consensus agreement. Complete:  Every known aspect is described. Consistent: No contradictions, uniform terminology used. Measurable: In terms of time and cost, can it be estimated? Can it be verified against the implemented solution? Testable: Requirements should be quantifiable. Traceable: Must … Read more