Scion Asset Management

Scion Asset Management (, managed by Michael Burry, I found this video where they describe the positions where they are invested at the end of 2019: Water and agriculture I have also read about the investments he has done on Water and agriculture companies: American Water Works Co Inc. Danaher Corp Xylem Inc/NY Pentair … Read more

Actions to promote the book

This is a to do list for the promotion of the book. V2MOM As usual these are the goals following the V2MOM model: Vision: promote DREAM methodology for savings and investment. Values: have fun, learn a lot, great design take care of visual engagement. Method: Build a blog and content with all ideas, tools, mechanisms … Read more

Options links

Links to webs related to Options: Maximum pain = Short volumen =

I love to have this type of web links in my memories, so here it comes another one: It’s very quick for checking the longs and shorts done by different members of a public company.  

Trading en la zona, de Mark Douglas

Este libro es muy interesante si lo que buscas es entender los principales aspectos psicológicos que el trading tiene sobre la persona. No solo describe los sesgos y comportamientos del trader ante las pérdidas y las ganancias, sino que además añade algunos mecanismos de como afrontar y planificar ciertas situaciones que se te pueden dar. … Read more