The Performance-Values Matrix

I need to remind this picture from time to time and send to other people, so we can work and talk about the values we want to build on the team. The actions in the different cases are simple: Incompetent Assholes (Fire Fast) Competent Assholes (Remediate or Separate) Incompetent Nice Guys (Manage (train, coach) or … Read more

From mess to an organized environment

The work on organizations can be sometimes a completely mess. I’m working on an initiative to turn this “mess” into a more organized and efficient delivery. The basic approach we are following is: To have a clear, complete and detailed organizational chart. Understand what are the governance rules defined by contract with the customer. Define … Read more

Fintonic, FinScore

I have discovered this page after digging into other concepts. The story goes like this. The banks in Spain classifies the customer with respect your FinScore, that goes from 0 to 900. Fintonic helps you to understand your Finscore and understand how it fits into the market, and it offers you specific products aligned with … Read more

VRoom’s Expectancy theory

Expectancy theory proposes an individual will behave or act in a certain way because they are motivated to select a specific behavior over other behaviors due to what they expect the result of that selected behavior will be. Expectancy theory has three components: Expectancy: effort → performance (E→P) Instrumentality: performance → outcome (P→O) Valence: V(R) … Read more

Bike-a-thon Bridge to the Beach, 2017

Last year we did the ride from Philadelphia to Atlantic City, this year we repeated. The weather this time was better and we completed the distance at 13.30. We stopped a lot and we were talking to so much people during the whole journey. So when we arrived to Atlantic City, we were in better … Read more

Thinking, Fast and Slow

After have read The Undoing Project I was investigating about some of the books published by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman. Finally I found this essay named “Thinking, Fast and Slow”. This psychology essay goes chapter by chapter decomposing the different ways the mind works, doing it in plain English. Chapters are short and concentrated … Read more

SWAT or Rapid Response Team

I’m engaged on a team where rapid interventions are required to fulfill a specific goal. Basically these interventions are set when an escalation comes from senior customer stakeholder or there are signals of contract breach. The typical cycle of these interventions are composed by a 12 weeks interventions, with weekly reports to the project sponsor … Read more