Service Management challenges

For the renewal discussions it’s important to review the basic concepts of each application support. Just 4 main items: The nature of the business/application output, The real demand done to the application in terms of processes and technology. The high/low level of contacts with the customer. The changing nature of demand (financial closing periods, end month, application … Read more

IT Support evolution

I had some time and a notebook and I wrote this thinking about the IT service support trends. It seems to be a stupid exercise, but it’s funny to see that the concepts offered yesterday, today and probably tomorrow, all are the same. With the risks and fears of the client, it’s more or less … Read more

Globalization at work 2

Unfortunately that day came; our client and our CEO agreed that big part of our services will be provided by India. People now understand that their work can easily done in India, and they regret all the time spent without thinking in adding value. Sorry guys, it’s so late! Now the future is uncertain, but … Read more


During this year we are deploying CMMI in our Service Support. The best benefit of this deployment has been the increase of business visibility that people has learned about the activities they perform. Before to have it, people worked without understand some essential topics of the business. Now people feel more comfortable with the tasks … Read more