Flash Boys, Michael Lewis

After reading Liar’s Poker, I was in NYC bookstore and I couldn’t resist to buy this book. I’m not an expert on the field, even I do not consider myself an amateur, just a surprised citizen that was around. I knew what was HFT, the importance of latency, that the market volume was high for … Read more

Prestashop cache, disable it!

This is the summary, I had to disable the cache from Prestashop. The cache mechanism from Prestashop is a different thing from the CDN. To avoid confusion, I have activated a CDN and this works fine delivering the static content of the store (images, js, css, etc). The  issue is the internal cache system from … Read more

Web time response on WordPress

In April I started to take care of the time response of the WordPress blog. After adding wp-cache, CDN, and check the quality of the code, the results are: 1.- Yslow grade = A, overall performance score = 96 2.- Load Impact: it’s not perfect, but goes from 7.5s to 5s average, and only 2 … Read more

What is the CPU assigned?

When you look for a Web hosting you will see there are so many features that are clear, for instance: We offer unlimited memory size. We offer unlimited band width etc. But rarely they will mention the CPU assigned to your virtual and shared environment and the way the CPU is assigned to it. Ask … Read more

Logistics, 3PL & 4PL

I’m working on a logistics transformation, and it is letting me know the situation of the market with respect the logistics business, where all come from and where all go… Nowadays so many companies outsource part of the processes, typically IT and keep the management activities inside the company. The main question done before to … Read more

Top performer and Plan B people

In the organizations, the succession plans are not always planned and there are so many funny situations when a person needs to replace someone. The option basically can be that you assign a top performer person who will lead and execute the work in an extraordinary way; or your option is to assign someone who … Read more

Application TCO dilema

Business Applications are the primary mechanism for delivering IT value. Applications are expensive to purchase, but even more expensive to maintain. You have strategic plans, balance sheets, portfolio management cycles…and budget reviews. Application TCO is one of the recognized mechanisms to manage the IT budget, and it’s also one of the major headaches for CIOs … Read more

Manage requirements

Keep the requirements under control is sometimes very difficult. Continuous changes on specifications, continues changes of direction, quick estimations demanded under weak specifications, etc… To make the customer to recognize that all changes they are putting in place is even hardest. They just do not care, you are there to handle and be paid by … Read more

SAP and their cloud journey

Some years ago SAP announced the creation of SAP Business By Design (BBD). This solution was created to gather the ERP needs for mid-size companies and be one piece of puzzle on the journey to move the SAP services to cloud based solutions (other are: successfactors for HR, Ariba for procurement). The relevancy of BBD … Read more