One Year Ago…

One year ago somebody phoned me with a formal proposal in a new job. The situation in my position was not good due to some aspects that are not interesting now.

To take this new job was a big challenge for me and my girlfriend. There was a lot of things to win and to loose; everything was going to change: city, home, people, company, position… The important thing was that I was quite sure that it was the right decision seeing the future that was coming.

One year later we have the opportunity to review all the things that have happened during this year and we feel happy with the change: we were looking for new opportunities and both have found that.

The only wish for this new year is have the same opportunities that I have had during this year.

Decisions after the Deadline

When a decision is required of you, there is a lot of things you need to take into account: set an appropriate deadline, make your decision, and accept responsibility for the results; One of them is the time you have to take that decision.

Now I’m waiting a decision from a stakeholder and I’m already evaluating the impact of the decision over time because I’m worried about this issue.

In my honest opinion this stakeholder is delaying the decision, that is in fact a decision.

Then, what’s the problem I really see in this issue?

The problem is that this stakeholder doesn’t want to assume the responsibility of this decision… but anyway that’s another problem…

Sharing Information

I know some people that love Social Networking and how the knowledge is shared between people but when you need to work with them in a Project they hide the information and you know it later.

It’s an incongruity? Right, the problem is the behaviour of these people.

But anyway, the scalation process is working fine!


Some days ago a colleague invited me to a proffesional social network: linkedin.

As all these new social networks, you enter your profile and link with other people…

Until now, everything normal.

What amazed me it’s the QA section where the information that you find there is so useful. Some of the sections are interesting and last nights I’m fascinated reading some of the answers becuase you can see the knowledge that some of the answers provide and people with high responsabilities and experience posting their comments in this QA.

The year is ending… run, run,run!!!

New Contracts, new agreements, works in the middle of the schedule that must be finished in a rush, clients that want to spend the budget of a year in fifteen days because now they are going to loose the opportunity to spend it, administrators running closing the year and with their mail on fire with the issues of the new year…..

Who don’t like Christmas? 🙂

In 4 days all will be completely calm…….. a half of the staff will be out of office and the rest of the people will rest in their offices even when they are have a pain to fix.

Today I found weird Error !

Last 3 days I have been working with a curious problem. An application was working wrong in a concrete part of the work flow, it returned a data error. I checked the template, the configuration documents, server configuration… All was exactly in the same way to last year but now it was failing.

So what changed?

After different tests I discovered the problem was in a new way to launch the work flow that provoked the data error. This option was not used during more than one year! (the application is used by around 1000 users) but last week an user created a document in a different way and the error appeared.

A potential error was in the application and neither the tests and neither the final users created the situation that provokes the error for more than a year.

Baselines in Service Support as Basic Tool

During this the year the baselines to measure the evolution and efficiency of the Service in the work group were not defined at the beginning of the year.

Of course this ‘oversight’ 🙂 provokes that for the rest of the year there were not a pattern to compare what you consider as ‘good’ and measure it with the real numbers you are getting.

For 2008 we have already defined all the patterns that we can measure with data: SLA of tickets, performance of the enhancements, cost charge, risk management… In fact we already are taking information about how we are working during these 3 last months in order to have a quick reference of the current status of the Service.

Finally the most important things using a baseline are the monitoring and controlling the evolution of the Service with respecting this pattern. After that we can analyze and make decisions to correct the evolution of the Service for our Customer. In addition we want to change corrective work in preventive one.

As you can figure out, this is a basic tool of work in Service Supports. The amazing fact is the absence of this tool…

Team Studio Delta

During last two weeks we have been maintaining some applications that we didn’t maintain from a long time. They had their designs in the development environment but something smelled bad in them.

On the other hand a large amount of File Cabinets from a library were showing discrepancies between themselves while they should have the same design.

With it, thanks to Team Studio Delta I can check in a rush what’s happening with the designs of the different environments or applications.

To have the possibility of work with this Configuration Management tool makes my work more efficient and minimize the risks.