Box-cox transformation

These are reminder notes about Box-cox transformation. One of the problems that box-cox transformation tries to solve is “heteroscedasticity” (non-constant variance). This article explains the problem where you can apply box-cox transformation to solve it: SciPy has added an inverse Box-Cox transformation: Does Box-cox always work? The answer is NO. Box-cox does not … Read more

AWS CloudFront with W3 Total Cache

I have been able to configure the CDN using this document: Basically you have to: 1.- Menu: Performance \ General Settings \ CDN –> Activate the CDN in the W3 Total Cache: 2.- In AWS go to :$access_key Create an “Access key”: 3.- Menu: Performance \ CDN —> enter the credentials, and then … Read more

Koncorde Big Players + DarkPool Index

This code is an indicator composed by 2 pieces of code that have been combined. Big players by Konkorde that are buying ( DarkPool Index when it’s over 35% ( The individual goal of these indicators is to point to big player buying. So what if we combine the 2 indicators? The code An example … Read more

SpaceX, Elon Musk and Wardley Maps

I have seen these 3 videos of the Starbase tour with Elon Musk. Here video #1: The reason was Pablo Bermejo pointed me to a specific sequence: this one in video #2, where he pointed to the PST model (Pioneer, Settlers and Town Planners model from gameplays proposed by Wardley Maps). So after watching … Read more

Time Series notes

I have done this course proposed by Kaggle, and I would like to take some notes. The trend component of a time series represents a persistent, long-term change in the mean of the series. We mainly have: Time dependent properties: trends and seasonality. Serial dependent properties: Cycles and lagged series 1. Trends The trend component of a time series … Read more