SAP Landscape Transformation,

We are evaluating this SAP solution for the divestiture activities we are forecasting for 2013.

The solution seems to be simple, seamless and holistic, the question for the situation we have goes in a different direction.

Last year we did the logical separation of the 2 companies, so some of the great capabilities offered by the solution are not really required.

I figure out the solution contains so much benefits for complete divestitures.

From the technical point of view it was very useful to listen that they install their software in different places:

  • Sender SAP server: to make the necessary requests and gather the required information.
  • Receiver SAP server: as target place, for sure, first you have to create the environment.
  • Solution manager server: where all activities are handled. Here is where you configure Landscape and execute the actions.

Joomla, Magictab plugin

Some notes about how to configure this plug-in published by GreatJoomla.

1) Install Core Design Scriptegrator plugin:…tegrator-plugin.html

2) Install Magic Tabs plugin:…gic-tabs-plugin.html

3) Publish both of extensions.

4) Open article to editation.

5) Insert the following notation to article:
{magictabs}Tab 1 :: Text 1 |||| Tab 2 :: Text 3 |||| Tab 3 :: Text 3{/magictabs}

6) Save article

7) Active “Cleaners” feature in Core Design Scriptegrator plugin.

I continue investigating about how to solve the root that does not make the plugin works.