OOD + A + Communications

Doing experiments, where are you investing your personal time today and where you think you should be doing it? The fact that you are unbalanced individually do not necessarily mean that as executive team you are not balanced. thoughts?

Ask your developer

The book “Ask your developer” written by Jeff Lawson, goes around so many things about how companies are evolving and how the presence or lack of presence of technology changes their ability to survive and thrive. “Ask your developer” is a mindset, very similar to what Simon Wardley calls as doctrine. What are the characteristics … Read more

Maintenance on WordPress

I have been doing some basic maintenance of this wordpress site. I have updated: 14 plugins, the wordpress version and the PHP version of the server (5.4 to 7.0). For my poor memory, how to update the PHP version I’m using on CPanel: https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/php/how-to-change-the-php-version-your-account-uses  

RFI for big providers

RFI process serves in theory to the company to understand specific capabilities a provider has, so you qualify it to the RFP. My point is that when you invite the big logos to an RFI, basically they all have these capabilities (or at least the ability to document that they have it). Does it make … Read more

Remove systemic hurdles

As portfolio manager, I have a team working on the execution of contracts, attending customers and trying to compete on the market with our solutions and value propositions. When looking I look at the way we sell, offer and deliver, you find systemic hurdles that affect negatively to the ability to succeed. By that reason … Read more

Behavioral attributes on program management

Cranfield University did a research related to behavioral attributes of the leaders when working on programs. The summary table of this research is added to the Managing Successful Programs book. Attitude and aptitudes of leaders are summarized in a scale from 1 to 4, where 4 represents more awareness and capacity to lead the complexity … Read more

“Contract title” defense

You won last contract a couple of years ago, a big one, and you were so happy about it. Time runs fast and now the new RFP is going to be published again. You feel as the owner of the work and from your point of view you deserve to continue handling this contract. But … Read more

The Worst Question a Salesperson Can Ask

I enjoyed this article, it’s written in a very nice way and it drives you where they want. I, but I have a different opinion about the number of times the question can be the worst one you can pronounce, in the majority of the times this is the more useful one “What’s keeping you … Read more