Remove systemic hurdles

As portfolio manager, I have a team working on the execution of contracts, attending customers and trying to compete on the market with our solutions and value propositions.

When looking I look at the way we sell, offer and deliver, you find systemic hurdles that affect negatively to the ability to succeed. By that reason this aspect is one of the relevant areas of improvement we are launching.

We are using common sense and Six Sigma approach to identify, define, analyze and remove these hurdles.

That was the easy part. The difficult part is being to change the mindset of the people about behaviors and ways to proceed on non written procedures. I have find so many interesting things when you start to ask “why do you do this in this way”:

  1. A funny “we do this in this way because we always have done it in this way”.
  2. You discover other issues that are hidden inside a given department.
  3. You discover the real hierarchy of the small teams.
  4. You discover who plays the game of “doing him/her self irreplaceable”.
  5. Some people take it personally when you challenge them about change the way to proceed.

We are succeeding partly, and it is thanks to the management team that is pushing our actions on the given departments to act and improve these issues. Without this leadership the analysis is just an excel with so many data.

I’m happy with some of the results, to shake the “establishment” of an organization is something funny.

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