Office365 on web

Today I started up my laptop and I found this message on all Office365 applications: The operating system is not presently configured to run this application So apart of looking into Internet for a solution and open a ticket to the service I have started to use all these applications through the web and some … Read more


Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca is the main character of this book, which explains in old Spanish, all his adventures in America. The tone of the book is very basic, the stories are brutal and without any “sweeter”. The way they advanced, the starving periods they suffered, how they engaged with the original people of … Read more

Solar plants asset management

Today I was learning about on solar plants, how the projects are funded, the assets are created, exploded and managed. The technology aspect of the solar panels is not the key focus today, it’s how the asset is managed into a regulatory environment that is evolving. The asset management of major assets as oil and … Read more

Hard labor, by Sam Smith

This is a tough book to read, each page is difficult to digest, and every single story is hard to read. When I read Red and me, I found some hard stories about the racism, the challenges the players were having to dedicate their lives to this sport, etc, etc. Hard labor explains how this … Read more

New old bike

This is a new bike that I will be using to ride across the Adelaide mountains. The goal is clear: be in shape to travel to Ainsa at the end of September, and enjoy a week riding with my friends. I need to do some minor adjustments, but nothing relevant (by the moment).

The impact of ICOs on cryptos’ value

I have had some conversations related to this during the last months. The topic So many companies/start-ups are opening ICO processes to fund their blockchain business. They create a business plan with a budget to fund it, the currency is in dollars/euros or other FIAT currency. The majority enable the investors to fund the project … Read more

S&P 500, three things

This is the monthly graph of S&P 500. Three notes: The change of volume happened in December 2016 The “almost” change of trend happened in 2015 The potential shoulder-head-shoulder that is being drawing now in 2018.  

Apple 1 trillion valuation

This week two relevant events happen: Apple reached 1 trillion valuation in stock. Who will be the second? Facebook jumped from 629B$ to 495B$ (on the picture, jump to 510B$). A link if technical events by date (in Spanish) :