Example of lack of governance

We are delivering a new service support where we are facing the same situation:

  • We are doing a great job in number of tickets.
  • We are enhancing the application with little details requested by the customer that is enabling them to spend less time when using the tool.
  • We are not closing all the errors of the application, recurring errors are appearing.
  • We are not taking into account some functionality changes are affecting other parts, provoking new tickets appear.
  • There is not enough control of the scope of the application, even when we have a detailed functional analysis that helped us to close the project in a good way.
  • The complexity of the application makes that the use of the detailed functional document is necessary to perform the changes: and this use is not happening.
  • We are able to close 1000 tickets, but not the application with zero errors.

We are suffering a deep lack of governance. Reasons?

  • Communications at product level are not done in the right way.
  • There is a lack of change management process when a functionality is requested.
  • When a new release of the application is deployed, the documents are not properly updated.
  • Client expectations are so high and they are not being managed in the right way.


We have a lot of job to do here,

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