Learning about mid-range activities

V2P process

Virtual to physical migration or V2P, is the process where you can migrate an existing virtual machine and migrate its files and configurations into a physical machine. The team is doing it because there are business needs that cannot be done with the VMware farm: this has to be upgraded and the procedure is administratively slow for our project constraints.

The migration process uses third party tools to:

  • Prepare the source virtual machine
  • Transfer the prepared source virtual machine to the hard drive of a physical machine

SQL server from 32 bits to 64 bits

Other problem has been that all current SQL servers installed are in 32 bits. To use MS-SharePoint 2010 a 64 bits SQL server is required. Alternatives?

Create a new SQL environment, or change from 32 bits to 64 bits one of the existing ones. The existing ones are virtual machines so the process in theory is initially simply. The complexity comes from the test point of view where there are more than 150 big databases that we have to check, and we do not want to have outages.

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