Doing a project definition

I have been working on a project definition during these last 4 weeks.

The result was very well accepted by the customer. What did I do in a different way?

  • I added a lot of perspectives related to the client responsibilities and when they were called to participate in the different activities.
  • I used an iterative approach for the build phase of the project, explaining in detail what is going to be obtained from client perspective at the end of each wave.
  • Assumptions section was very extensive for the mid-range capabilities we should have before start (we have defined activities to be done by them and that are necessary for this project), it has been an added value they did not expect.

Then, was everything perfect? No, I’m not so happy with the effort estimation provided and, for sure, it’s a key point for them, but let’s see what’s the reaction.

In summary, I was very happy to work on a project definition again, I have not done since a lot of time.

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