Collaborative Industry Evolution

Do you see IBM Lotus as a collaborative platform that will increase its market share worldwide in the coming years? Or do you see Microsoft, Google or a new Web20DotCom to win? Interesting question and better answers -> link In addition, today I had time to assist to “Architecture “Bluehouse” uncovered!” Web Seminar,

Brainstorming via Post-it

Sometimes you don’t have the enough tools for working and then you need think in boxes and you find a solution. The problem? A little bit complex to establish good relationships. But the objective was to decide the right group, so easy.

Liquid Planner Tool

Reading PMThink! I have discovered this tool: liquidplanner, it has allowed me to discover how a tool facilitates the management of the concepts handled in this kind of management. I like: It’s a SaaS and all its advantages, It’s not only a planner, it allows you to add documentation, collaborate through discussions. Each task is … Read more


Do you like Excel? Enjoy these templates, from these ones, I have used some ideas from this one. I like the idea of Resource Assignment Matrix, thinking in some projects of the past, it would help me.

News in LinkedIn

Other interesting feature of this Web that allow me to know relevant news from my company that other people from my company are reading in the Internet. Great new point of view, not only the official.

Do you have the right tools for your work?

There are some companies that sends technology but they have not the right basic tools for their employees. I don’t refer to the top of the edge technology I mean the basic computer, the basic Intranet connection, a printer. Do you think I’m kidding? Other words, ergonomic environment are never mentioned and considered useless.


Pod-Cast Some weeks ago I subscribed to a RSS where they publish PM pod-casts. The firsts experiences with this kind of communication have been the next ones: 1.- The importance of the publicity as sponsor of the publisher. 2.- The communication methodology used in this channel is essential: how clear is the way the speakers … Read more


Some days ago a colleague invited me to a proffesional social network: linkedin. As all these new social networks, you enter your profile and link with other people… Until now, everything normal. What amazed me it’s the QA section where the information that you find there is so useful. Some of the sections are interesting … Read more

Team Studio Delta

During last two weeks we have been maintaining some applications that we didn’t maintain from a long time. They had their designs in the development environment but something smelled bad in them.On the other hand a large amount of File Cabinets from a library were showing discrepancies between themselves while they should have the same … Read more


I have added to my hosting an OsCommerce installation with the purpose of seeing the features and help a friend to build his e-commerce portal. Once again, the only thing we need to do is to understand the features and feed the program with all the required information. I love all the different people who … Read more