Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

How do I get my book published? I have written a book, and I did not know how to publish it. I was looking for an editor and an on-line editor and other alternatives like that. Finally I found Kindle Direct Publishing, and I started to work on it. I did all in 5 days, … Read more

Linkedin Social Selling Index

Linkedin measures all your activities and it uses it for…. for everything. They call it: Social Selling Index, and you can check your here: Here is an example, the report it showed to me:  

WordPress scans

To have a minimum of security on wordpress the minimum is to keep the environment up to date (majority of updates are security updates), you can scan how secure it is with this library: Or you can direcly go to a place like this and check it on-line: There are so many spaces … Read more

Trading tools

There are thousand tools in the market to trade and perform backtesting. Trading view ( It’s very social, they promote people to share their strategies, their findings etc. The difficult thing is to find people who really have the right criteria (this takes a lot of time). Other detail I love is that you can … Read more

Talaia, Open PPM

This product came to my inbox: It’s aligned with PMI. You can integrate it with Redmine. It does not store documents, you need to use a separate repository. It does not cover the scheduling capabilities as MS-Project. Covers the needs of so many roles in an organization, not just Project Managers: Portfolio Manager. Functional … Read more

Date formats in excel

Just for my memory, Just in USA the date format is mm/dd/yyyy, the rest of the world uses dd/mm/yyyy. Anyway… I have excels where I have both formats inherited from links, so I cannot change the source data. The solution: =IF(ISNUMBER(Q202);Q202;DATE(RIGHT(Q202;4);LEFT(Q202;FIND(“/”;Q202)-1);MID(Q202;FIND( “/”;Q202 )+1;2)))

Metamind, deep learning for enterprise

This session organized by data driven NYC shows some use cases related to deep learning, focusing on uses you can give for enterprises: Find the number of times your logo is shown on TV in a sport event you are sponsoring. Identify car brands. Relatedness of Sentences. Identify locations in a text. and more applications … Read more


Ability to code is a skill that today almost everybody recognize as a very valuable skill that soon will be something that will be mandatory. Develop this skill as soon as possible is something interesting for those kids that likes computers, tablets and maths. To have the right environment to introduce programming, a IDE an … Read more

Whiteout mail

Awareness about security is always something challenging, and have good habits in this area is important. Mail encryption was always a technical complex issue, but now it seems to be easy for users. The answer is this German company Installation Once you install it, you enter your user and generate a PGP key, the … Read more

Avention integrated with SalesForce

Avention provides different corporate services related to information related to companies, which plays a significant role when working with customers, competition… They have Avention for SalesForce, which is integrated in your SalesForce environment and provides directly the data you want to capture. I love it!