Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

How do I get my book published?

I have written a book, and I did not know how to publish it.

I was looking for an editor and an on-line editor and other alternatives like that. Finally I found Kindle Direct Publishing, and I started to work on it.

I did all in 5 days, ISBN number, correct the format, create a cover, set a price and request 5 copies for checking how they look like in the printed version.

The cost and the price

On Kindle you get 35% of the price of the kindle edition, on the printed book it’s the same.

The cost of the printed book varies depending on the amount of pages, the quality of the paper and if it has colors or just black/white. To me it was 2,5€.

You order, they print it

The traditional editors I have asked asked for 80%, so I would only take 20%. I understand this percentage, because they take the risk of printing a volume that they finally cannot sell.

Amazon does in a different way, they reduce this risk to zero, they just print what is ordered.

You can request my book in Australia, and you will have it at home in 24 hours (you can decide on which markets you want to publish it).

They just changed the rules of the game.

Everybody knows bookstores are in trouble, but editors are in trouble too

This is basically because they way Amazon sells and produce the books:

  • Minimizes the inventory,
  • the need of space,
  • the time to collect the book and send it to the buyer,
  • the risk of not selling XX copies of printed books.

Is there any other editor in the world doing publishing in the same way?

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