Mobile applications are stealing your personal data

You download a free application to your mobile and use it for play to a game, access to weather channel, see stock price or whatever you use it. This is an interesting article that talks about the abusive situation that exist around the lack of protection of the data stored in your mobile phone. I … Read more

I have installed Piwigo, Good points: Installation and configuration is extremely easy. Upload templates is easy. Generate content is also very intuitive. Bad points: The time response is not good. The issue is not Piwigo, I would point to the hosting service I have for that, but this is a relevant point for an user … Read more

MBA & Co, expertise on demand

This is the slogan of this company that offers a platform for posting specific projects, profiles and that connects project demand with employ demand for independent consultants. The process to create an account enables you to synchronize the data from Linkedin, the type of offers you receive is so varied and you will receive … Read more

Payment on tablets

Last week I was in NYC, we stopped to take a real coffee in a small coffee store and I see the payment system they have is a tablet with a credit card reader. I took the coffee and asked the waiter about the application they use. It is Revel, from Revel systems. Offline mode, … Read more

Linkedin, lead builder

If you upgrade your linkedin account to one of the sales subscriptions, you will have access to Lead Builder, that allows you to create and save lists of prospects. So, they are also enabling freelance and individual sales people to use linkedin as a CRM solution. You can define search criteria by role, territory… and … Read more

JS FrameWorks

Angular.js, Knockout.js, Backbone.js… Frameworks are like mushrooms, they grow-up and grow-up in all places without control. In some moments of your life you start a project where you have the capacity to decide some high level technical decisions such, What JS framework is the best one for the project situation we have? And then there … Read more


Looking into the evolution of the home automation, I found OpenRemote, that defines it self as “the professional open source middle-ware for an Internet of Things”. It’s a great idea/system – but I would like to see if this will become an standard so the time the industry invests promotes to have cheap prices and … Read more

PTC products

We have been reviewing PTC Integrity solution, and I have been seen this other video that talks about the integration with Windchill, but that really is interesting for me due to the explanation of the requirements complexity in different industries. In other customer I’m starting to work with, they are working with PTC Optegra, that … Read more