Kindle navigation from Spain

Using my kindle, I tested if I could access to internet and it was a surprise when I was able to access to other sites apart of amazon (last time I tried it, I was not able to do that).

The reason was that I had just 3G connection, that just allows access to amazon, and now I have available a WIFI connection.

Ok, the navigator is still not excellent but I can handle it.

I accessed to some newspapers, e-mails… and suddenly facebook.

I was able to enter user/password. But then it showed me a message like this:

“you cannot access from this mobile/wireless device. Please enter in your account from a computer and check it”

This morning I accessed in my account, I was asked by my credentials and after that I was announced by an strange access was done from Seattle, WA, US !!!!!
I’m in Spain but I’m routed through Seattle???? šŸ™

(Sevilla, close to Plaza de la EncarnaciĆ³n)

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