Market Opening checklist

This is a checklist of things to review once just before and after the market is opened.

Before market opens (9:15 ET)

  • Check S&P and Nasdaq futures indexes.
  • Previous day closing, Market breadth check, McClellan indicator.
  • How is Europe going on? Check DAX.
  • Check DIX and GEX Index in squeeemeetrics, from previous day.
  • EUR/USD trend.
  • Any major news to take into account?

After market opens (9:35 ET)

  • Check S&P trend in comparison with the futures.
  • Check the swing portfolio.
  • Check the potential new longs I have in the list.

Out of hours

  • Read quarterly files.
  • Review list of candidates
  • Read the next chapter of a book.
  • Set target purchase price on notebook.
  • Check swing screen on swing stocks.


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