Capacity Management

I continue trying to improve the vision I have on the ITIL life cycle model. Today I have reviewed the role of the capacity manager.

It’s supposed it is a strong technical infrastructure role that:

  • Understands future resource needs, delivering these needs through a capacity plan (similar complexity to a project definition). This plan can includes forecasting and modelling.
  • Defines the application sizing to ensure required service levels can be met,
  • Defines and stores capacity management data that allows,
  • to monitor, analyze, tune, and implement necessary changes in resource utilization,
  • Manages demand for computing resources, which requires an understanding of business priorities. These resources can be servers, connections, help desk….
  • Models & simulate infrastructure performance,
  • Builds a periodic (annual, biannual) infrastructure plan with input from other teams.
  • Is coordinated with the continuity manager, availability manager, data information manager, financial manager (who establishes economic constrains)…

A capacity manager is not a role focused on organizational capabilities or specialised on procedures or processes.

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